Conscious Connections was born out of a search for stillness.

We rest in the belief that in a hectic world, silence holds the key to healing and wellbeing. A service-oriented enterprise, we are here to guide you on your journey to a balanced and meaningful life through nature-inspired gatherings and interactive workshops.

By carving out more physical and mental spaces for pause, we support you to discover your inner truth and purpose, and become aware of your own calm breath.

Our Team

Vivian Lee


Vivian believes in an interconnected world without strangers and loves bringing people together for mindful meals and meaningful conversations. An inner gardener, wellbeing guide and student of the law of Nature, she takes a holistic approach to life and wellness. She enjoys music, movement, creative cooking, journaling and embodied learning. Spreading goodwill and magic stardust whenever she can, she sees a healthy external ecosystem as essential to our inner wellbeing.

Her journey led her to found the Garden of L.E.A.H., a conscious living space in a village in Chiang Mai. There, Vivian holds space to practice mindfulness through gardening, mud house building and community-building.

Inspired to bring the essence of L.E.A.H. to the city, Vivian co-created Conscious Connections to facilitate reconnections to the natural world through food and mindfulness practices. 

Ng Hui Hsien


Hui Hsien tells stories. As a writer and qualitative researcher, she enters the worlds of others with empathy, to understand their lived experiences and transform these into stories that inform and engage. Her clients include National Art Gallery Singapore, DesignSingapore Council and people-led innovation agency FreshlyGround.

In her photographic art practice, Hui Hsien strives to open up contemplative spaces where people could reflect on themes related to consciousness, (im)materiality and interconnectivity. They are sites where the unconscious can find expression, indirectly or otherwise.

She also takes walks in nature, practices meditation and sees paying attention to our bodies as a way to cultivate greater awareness about where we are in this present moment. 

A few things we're doing

The Art of Eating

From understanding how food affects our body, mind and spirit to making conscious food choices, this series of practical, experiential sessions is designed to empower and deepen your relationship with what nourishes us.

Journaling for Self-Care

Slow down. Join us in our bi-weekly journaling sessions, where we reflect together in the blank pages of our notebooks.

Art x Spirituality x Wellbeing

Curated gatherings that bring together art, spirituality and wellbeing. Come engage with artists whose works hold space for contemplation of the human condition.