Journaling for Self-Care

The blank page is a safe space for us to process our innermost thoughts and emotions. We welcome you to join us in our bi-weekly journaling sessions, where we slow down and reflect. Held online at the end of the week, this is a time
for us to commit to self-care, together with a small community to support our process of sense-making.


We begin each session with a short guided meditation. This serves to lead us into an awareness of our state of being in the present moment.


Each session includes a short sharing of inspirations revolving around certain themes to set the context for participants.

journaling + sharing

Journaling prompts will be offered to those who find that helpful to get started. Participants will journal on their own with the ZOOM room open for anyone who wants support. We
will come together to share our experiences after. Sharing is entirely voluntary.


Art x Spirituality x Wellbeing

This series of curated gatherings resides at the intersection of art, spirituality and well-being. It holds space for conversations about personal practices of wellbeing as well as musings about existence itself.

Each session begins with a self-care practice, such as a guided meditation. It is followed by the sharing of an artwork by an invited artist and a conversation.

Next up: sit weng san’s call me by my true names

In this first instalment, we will take artist Sit Weng San’s Call Me by My True Names as inspiration.
Originally conceptualised as a video art installation, Call Me by My True Names is a work that explores meditation in different communities and features practitioners involved in healing and social justice

This workshop includes a guided meditation, a contemplation of the film, and a sharing session with other participants as well as the artist. Together, we will explore how spirituality is a form of internal activism that
can help us sustain our external activism, and the role of art in supporting our well-being.

There are two slots for this workshop.

Date: 19 August 2020, 330 – 5pm and 730 – 9pm

Venue: Chapel Gallery, Objectifs, 155 Middle Road, Singapore 188977

The maximum number of participants in each slot is ten.

No prerequisites. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and bring their own yoga mats and towels. Participation is based on a sliding scale of $5-20, and all proceeds will be donated to Objectifs.

The Art of Eating

Starting from food as fuel for the body to helping you make conscious food choices, this series of practical, experiential sessions is designed to empower and deepen your connection to what nourishes. Food here, is an entry point
to practicing mindfulness and cultivating a conscious way of living for optimal health in body, mind and spirit. This programme will not prescribe any specific diet, as we believe that individual needs vary. The practices is aimed
at guiding you to connect and be able to listen to your body and draw on the bio-intelligence of your body. Some topics we cover are:


Tuning into our senses as a basis of practicing mindful eating.


Understanding we are what we eat, and how we eat it.


Diving into the energetics of food and how it affects our well-being.


Observing our eating habits and becoming conscious of how we want to optimise our health.


Integrating and aligning our conscious choices into a way of living.

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